All About the Zen Cart* Administration
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Welcome to the searchable database for the Zen Cart admin.

The Zen Cart admin is a very daunting interface and we have found that we as a Zen Cart service have to have a database of information in order to find settings in it ourselves. There's tons of information and documentation in here - it's an excellent addition to the Zen Cart "official" book that has an extremely brief index. Using the 2 together can make your Zen Cart learning experience much smoother.

All 500+ settings are in this database and there's one I couldn't figure out! I don't guarantee the information and welcome comments or assistance in making sure the explanations are helpful.

You can do a keyword search or visually drill down to the different sections of the Zen Cart admin. All text from the admin is in here and most settings with explanations and how they are used are also documented.

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