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Welcome to the searchable database for the Zen Cart admin.

This site is under some renovation to improve your experience. First, there's mobile version in play here. It's not ready for prime time but is usable now. Secondly, I'm working on updating everything to 1.5.6c since a number of things have changed since I originally did this site in 2012. One of those changes is an improved admin that now allows you to search for the admin settings and they include a link to that setting.

The Zen Cart Administration is one complicated and daunting interface. There's so many settings and gadgets that it is very hard to master it unless you work full-time for a long time. I know. I'm Delia and I've been working Zen Cart full-time for over 14 years now. I still don't know where everything is or what setting does what in the Zen Cart admin. It's simply a continuing education!

All 500+ settings are in this database and there's one I couldn't figure out! I don't guarantee the information and welcome comments or assistance in making sure the explanations are helpful.

You can do a keyword search or visually drill down to the different sections of the Zen Cart admin. All text from the admin is in here and most settings with explanations and how they are used are also documented.

Demo Screenshots: Zen Cart Admin Listing


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