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  Configuration My Store Store Name The name of my store Displayed mainly in emails, but also footer, copyright, consent for newsletter, privacy, etc. default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Store Owner The name of my store owner shown in emails default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Country The country my store is located in

Note: Please remember to update the store zone.
inserted during setup, can be changed at anytime but if you do, then you have to update the store zone default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Zone The zone my store is located in state or province, inserted during setup default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Expected Sort Order This is the sort order used in the expected products box. expected = upcoming default ZC desc
  Configuration My Store Expected Sort Field The column to sort by in the expected products box. choices or product name or date expected   date_expected
  Configuration My Store Switch to Default Language Currency Automatically switch to the language's currency when it is changed This would only pertain to a multi-language cart if you are showing a language change sidebox. Since languages are not tied to a specific currency most of the time, it would be rare to change this setting. default ZC false
  Configuration My Store Language Selector Should the default language be based on the Store preferences, or the customer's browser settings?

Default: Store's default settings
choices are default or browser - this again would only apply to a multi-language cart. default ZC Default
  Configuration My Store Display Cart After Adding Product Display the shopping cart after adding a product (or return back to their origin) Choices are true or false. I prefer always to show the cart afterwards but it is not uncommon for a cart owner to request the other. This is a hard to find option so good to remember this one! default ZC true
  Configuration My Store Default Search Operator Default search operators choices are "and" or "or", better (fewer) results are usually found with "and"

search for this and that or search for this or that
default ZC and
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