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  Configuration Sessions Add period prefix to cookie domain Normally Zen Cart will add a period prefix to the cookie domain, e.g. This can sometimes cause problems with some server configurations. If you are having session problems you may want to try setting this to False. Default Value = True
  default ZC True
  Configuration Maximum Values Address Book Entries Maximum address book entries a customer is allowed to have It really doesn't make any difference what this is set at unless you have a lot of people shipping to many different locations such as gift givers, wholesale reps shipping to customers, etc. Changing the number doesn't increase database load though if they use up all of them, it does increase the size of the database. Not really a big deal if so. default ZC 5
  Configuration Customer Details Address Line 2 Address Line 2
Display address line 2 field during account creation and with account information
Your choice - folks are used to seeing a 2nd line and sometimes it is required for international addresses.
default ZC true
  Admin Access Management Admin Activity Logs Admin Activity Logs The Admin Activity Log is a tracking method that records activity in the Admin.
Due to its nature it can become very large, very quickly and does need to be cleaned out from time to time.
Warnings are given at 50,000 records or 60 days, which ever happens first. They show up in yellow at the top of admin and it's the question I answer the most often because cart owners get freaked out!

There's a big difference between 1.3.9h and 1.5x for this. A good part of this explanation comes from 1.5x.
NOTE: For PCI Compliance, you are required to retain admin activity log history for 12 months. You can download the history and then delete it from the database.
  default ZC  
  Admin Access Management Admin Page Registration Admin Page Registration This is hard to use unless you have intimate knowledge of the mod you are trying to get to show up in admin. More on that here:   default ZC  
  Admin Access Management Admin Profiles Admin Profiles The only profile that is default is the superuser that is allowed to see everything and alter profiles. When you create a new profile, you will get to choose everything the new profile allows depending on what you want them to have access to.   default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Admin Session Time Out in Seconds Enter the time in seconds.

Max allowed is 900 for PCI Compliance Reasons.


Example: 900= 15 min

Note: Too few seconds can result in timeout issues when adding/editing products
This means that you can increase the max if you aren't worrying about PCI compliance but most servers only allow 20 minutes anyway and changing this setting cannot override the server. default ZC 900
  Configuration My Store Admin Set max_execution time for processes Enter the time in seconds for how long the max_execution_time of processes should be. Default=60
Example: 60= 1 minute
Note: Changing the time limit is only needed if you are having problems with the execution time of a process
I have never heard of anyone changing this but if someone is having these kind of problems, they need to get new hosting. default ZC 60
  Admin Access Management Admin Users Admin Users Add, edit and delete users - change profiles, change passwords, etc.   default ZC  
  Configuration E-Mail Options Allow Guest To Tell A Friend   Not in 1.5

Allow guests to tell a friend about a product.

If set to [false], then tell-a-friend will prompt for login if user is not already logged in.
default ZC false
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