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Configuration My Store Store Name The name of my store Displayed mainly in emails, but also footer, copyright, consent for newsletter, privacy, etc. 01
Configuration My Store Store Owner The name of my store owner shown in emails 02
Configuration My Store Country Country
The country my store is located in
Note: Please remember to update the store zone.
inserted during setup, can be changed at anytime but if you do, then you have to update the store zone 04
Configuration My Store Expected Sort Order This is the sort order used in the expected products box. expected = upcoming desc 07
Configuration My Store Expected Sort Field The column to sort by in the expected products box. choices or product name or date expected date_expected 08
Configuration My Store Default Search Operator Default search operators choices are "and" or "or", better (fewer) results are usually found with "and"search for this and that or search for this or that and 12
Configuration My Store Store Address and Phone This is the Store Name, Address and Phone used on printable documents and displayed online Will show on contact page as the default option is to do that - to change that, look under email options. Store Name Address Country Phone 06
Configuration My Store Show Category Counts Count recursively how many products are in each category TURN IT OFF. It adds load time and looks trashy to me. Only shows in the categories sidebox in parentheses. true 14
Configuration My Store Show Category Counts - Admin Show Category Counts in Admin? Best left on so you can see if you have products in the categories. true 15
Configuration My Store Tax Decimal Places Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places normally tax rates are entered as 7 for 7 percent. I suspect that if you pad with 1, then the tax rate becomes .7 percent. 0 17
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