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Configuration My Store Store Name The name of my store Displayed mainly in emails, but also footer, copyright, consent for newsletter, privacy, etc. 01
Configuration My Store Store Owner The name of my store owner shown in emails 02
Configuration My Store Country Country
The country my store is located in
Note: Please remember to update the store zone.
inserted during setup, can be changed at anytime but if you do, then you have to update the store zone 04
Configuration My Store Zone The zone my store is located in Zone
The zone my store is located in
state or province, inserted during setup 05
Configuration My Store cURL Proxy Status removed in 1.5
Configuration My Store cURL Proxy Address removed in 1.5, but the only time I've ever seen it used in on Godaddy.
Configuration My Store Telephone-Customer Service Enter a telephone number for customers to reach your Customer Service department. This number may be sent as part of payment transaction details. Only being used in certain payment modules as of 1.5.6 03
Configuration Minimum Values Explanation These refer mainly to forms, filling the text boxes with the minimum required characters to create an account, credit card input and other miscellaneous minimums. Note: if you put 2 characters for the state/province it will apply to nations that don't have states and confuse the international customers. Shipping rates only depend on zip codes but taxes depend on states in the US. Making something a 0 means it then is no longer required field on the account forms.
Configuration Maximum Values Explanation Maximums control the number in various lists, search results, some lengths of input such as record company name, and probably most importantly one setting to control the number of products in a category product listing.
Configuration Customer Details Email Salutation Display salutation choice during account creation and with account information used on create account form and then in emails. For your customer's sake, turn it off. Too easy to miss on the create account form.
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