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Configuration My Store Basis of Shipping Tax On what basis is Shipping Tax calculated. Options are
Shipping - Based on customers Shipping Address
Billing Based on customers Billing address
Store - Based on Store address if Billing/Shipping Zone equals Store zone - Can be overriden by correctly wr
most states do not require tax on shipping but a few do. Check to see if your state does and the state law may be what guides this choice. shipping
Configuration My Store Sales Tax Display Status Always show Sales Tax even when amount is $0.00?
0= Off
1= On
obivously having this off reduces clutter in the appropriate places. Some folks who charge sales taxes in multiple states may want this turned - at least for testing. 0
Configuration My Store Store Status What is your Store Status
0= Normal Store
1= Showcase no prices
2= Showcase with prices
Configuration My Store Admin Session Time Out in Seconds Enter the time in seconds.
Max allowed is 900 for PCI Compliance Reasons.
Example: 900= 15 min

Note: Too few seconds can result in timeout issues when adding/editing products
This means that you can increase the max if you aren't worrying about PCI compliance but most servers only allow 20 minutes anyway and changing this setting cannot override the server. 900
Configuration My Store Admin Set max_execution time for processes Enter the time in seconds for how long the max_execution_time of processes should be. Default=60
Example: 60= 1 minute
Note: Changing the time limit is only needed if you are having problems with the execution time of a process
I have never heard of anyone changing this but if someone is having these kind of problems, they need to get new hosting. 60
Configuration My Store Show if version update available Automatically check to see if a new version of Zen Cart is available. Enabling this can sometimes slow down the loading of Admin pages. (Displayed on main Index page after login, and Server Info page.) I prefer this turned on so that it's easy to see if you need to check the version being used. true
Configuration My Store Server Uptime Displaying Server uptime can cause entries in error logs on some servers. (true = Display, false = don't display) Never run into this as a problem but neither do we see the server error logs normally. true
Configuration My Store Missing Page Check Zen Cart can check for missing pages in the URL and redirect to Index page. For debugging you may want to turn this off.

On = Send missing pages to 'index'
Off = Don't check for missing pages
Page Not Found = display the Page-Not-Found pa
I prefer this turned on - otherwise a bad url is directed to the server not found page which is usually extremely unhelpful. on
Configuration My Store cURL Proxy Status removed in 1.5
Configuration My Store cURL Proxy Address removed in 1.5, but the only time I've ever seen it used in on Godaddy.
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