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  Configuration Layout Settings Skip 1-prod Categories see notes: Skip single-product categories

If this option is set to True, then if the customer clicks on a link to a category which only contains a single item, then Zen Cart will take them directly to that product-page, rather than present them with another link to click in order to see the product.
default ZC True
  Location/Taxes Zones Zones Zones for US, Canada and Australia are inserted by default in zen cart.   default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Missing Page Check Zen Cart can check for missing pages in the URL and redirect to Index page. For debugging you may want to turn this off.

On = Send missing pages to 'index'
Off = Don't check for missing pages
Page Not Found = display the Page-Not-Found pa
I prefer this turned on - otherwise a bad url is directed to the server not found page which is usually extremely unhelpful. default ZC on
  Tools Newsletter and Product Notifications Newsletter and Product Notifications Manager You can write newsletters and send them in Zen Cart but be aware that using MailChimp instead is really better. Using your cart to send mass emails can possibly get your site and your server added to spam blacklists or if your server is on a blacklist, the emails won't get thru.
The newsletter is slated to be removed from one of the next versions anyway so go Mailchimp for free!
The product notifications is a handy tool to let customers who asked to be notified of changes on a product know that it's back in stock or gone on sale, etc.
  default ZC  
  Customers Group Pricing Group Pricing You can set up different groups - giving a percentage discount to each group. In order to put someone into a group, edit the customer and choose the group to put him/her into.   default ZC  
  Gift Certificates/Coupons Mail Gift Certificate Mail Gift Certificate You can send a gift certificate yourself to a customer or other person.   default ZC  
  Catalog Product Price Manager Product Price Manager You can manage prices and other settings such as in stock or out of stock. You can also set up specials and featured products from this section. Also here is where you can add quantity discounts when editing the product. Talking about something being buried!      
  Tools Developer's Tool Kit Developer's Tool Kit You can look up a variety of things in any file on your website. A very helpful tool!   default ZC  
  Tools Who's Online Who's Online You can find out some information about who's looking around your cart but really this can be a major time waster. Since there's no reporting at work, there's no way to really use this information. If you see items being added to the shopping cart and they don't buy, there is a mod called recover cart sales that can help you find out more.

Extra settings are available in versions 1.5x
  default ZC  
  Tools Send Email Send Email You can email to your customers using this interface. The dropdown will have all customers in it which may not be as practical with a lot of customers.   default ZC  
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