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  Location/Taxes Zones Definitions Zones Definitions The only zone definition that is set up initially is for Florida as an example. To change that to another zone as most people want to do you do 2 things, edit the text and then click the folder on the left to go and actually choose the country / state zone. Skipping that last step will leave Florida as the zone.

Here you can set up zones for mainland US, Canada, outside US, certain other countries or all other countries. These zones are mainly used for shipping but are also used for sales taxes.

One of the tutorials at Zen Cart gives the sql for certain other zones like some mentioned above:
  default ZC  
  Location/Taxes Zones Zones Zones for US, Canada and Australia are inserted by default in zen cart.   default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Zone The zone my store is located in state or province, inserted during setup default ZC  
  Tools Who's Online Who's Online You can find out some information about who's looking around your cart but really this can be a major time waster. Since there's no reporting at work, there's no way to really use this information. If you see items being added to the shopping cart and they don't buy, there is a mod called recover cart sales that can help you find out more.

Extra settings are available in versions 1.5x
  default ZC  
  Configuration Website Maintenance Website maintenance period Enter Website Maintenance period (hh:mm) This is just text and does not mean that the site automatically goes out of maintenance mode then. default ZC 2h00
  Configuration Layout Settings Use split-login page See Notes:
Vertical mode but with the create account form is best and not allowed. Don't make customers click an extra link to get to the create account page. The Streamlined Checkout mod fixes this.
The login page can be displayed in two modes: Split or Vertical.

In Split mode, the create-account options are accessed by clicking a button to get to the create-account page. In Vertical mode, the create-account input fields are all displayed inline, below the login field, making one less click for the customer to create their account.
default ZC False
  Configuration Sessions Use root path for cookie path See Notes...Description too long for this field
Normally Zen Cart will use the directory that a store resides in as the cookie path. This can cause problems with some servers. This setting allows you to set the cookie path to the root of the server, rather than the store directory. It should only be used if you have problems with sessions. Default Value = False
Changing this setting may mean you have problems logging into your admin, you should clear your browser cookies to overcome this.

default ZC False
  Configuration E-Mail Options Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails Send e-mails in HTML format Most folks receive and expect email format now so use as default. default ZC false
  Configuration Maximum Values Upcoming Products Number of 'upcoming' products to display They are rotated thru so the same products are not shown on refresh. Shown on home page and shopping cart as well as category center box if turned on to do so. default ZC 10
  Configuration Images Top Subcategory Image Width The pixel width of Top subcategory images
Top subcategory is when the Category contains subcategories
So the main category image on a category page with subcategories images/links below it and the category description. default ZC 150
  Configuration Images Top Subcategory Image Height The pixel height of Top subcategory images

Top subcategory is when the Category contains subcategories
So the main category image on a category page with subcategories images/links below it and the category description. default ZC 85
  Configuration Attribute Settings Text Pricing - Spaces are Free On Text pricing Spaces are Free

0= off 1= on
  default ZC 1
  Tools Template Selection Template Selection This better not be set to classic as that is the default. Each Zen Cart update includes the classic template and thus overrides any changes made to the classic template. In order to add a new template and change using this, there must be 2 things. The first is a new folder named differently and secondly a change to the template_info.php file inside that folder. More information is available here on zen   default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Telephone-Customer Service Enter a telephone number for customers to reach your Customer Service department. This number may be sent as part of payment transaction details. New to 1.5. Not actually being used by anything in default zc or by any payment modules yet that I know of. Could be used for displaying on the contact page or in header if template is changed. default ZC  
  Configuration Minimum Values Telephone number Minimum length of telephone number   default ZC 3
  Location/Taxes Tax Rates Tax Rates The only tax rate set up is for the state of Florida. That is very deceiving as Florida, Georgia and some other states tax based on where the package is shipped to.

If you just change the wording here, you still will be charging taxes for Florida. You must set up the zone definitions properly to charge tax in the correct zone.
  default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Tax Decimal Places Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places normally tax rates are entered as 7 for 7 percent. I suspect that if you pad with 1, then the tax rate becomes .7 percent. default ZC 0
  Location/Taxes Tax Classes Tax Classes The only tax class is called Taxable goods. This must be used to determine which products get charged tax as well as for some other settings as well. Most of the time there is no need to change this.   default ZC  
  Configuration My Store Switch to Default Language Currency Automatically switch to the language's currency when it is changed This would only pertain to a multi-language cart if you are showing a language change sidebox. Since languages are not tied to a specific currency most of the time, it would be rare to change this setting. default ZC false
  Configuration Stock Subtract Stock Subtract product in stock by product orders If you turn this off, you don't have to worry about stock numbers obviously. default ZC true
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